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What do I listen to today? is an email that recommends one song or work of music to listen to today. It’s delivered daily at 7:00 a.m. from North Carolina.

It can be the starting point for your daily music-listening adventure, or it can be a diversion from the stuff you usually listen to.

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Who I am and how it works

I’m Armando and I love music. Each morning, you’ll get a brief email from me with a link to one song to listen to today. There will be links to listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube and what to say to your smart speaker, if you use one.

Listen to it if you want to, or don’t, or save it for later. There’s always another suggestion for what to listen to coming tomorrow.

How I pick what we’re listening to today

These are songs I come across on my own daily listening, which are then lovingly documented and curated into the emails you receive.

I consider myself pretty adventurous, too, so I’m always checking out new things, rediscovering old classics, listening to community radio, and grooving along to catchy tunes regardless of the era.

In the future, I may invite musicians, artists, writers, and even you to pick some tunes for the daily email.

Try it out for a week or two.

Sign up and try it our for a couple of weeks. I trust you’ll listen to something new, something classic, a new discovery, or maybe even your new favorite song. You can always unsubscribe if it isn’t your thing.

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