Carsie Blanton

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Fridays are for guest DJs. Today we’re listening to a recommendation by Martin Anderson, the music director and morning on-air host at WNCW radio in Spindale, North Carolina.

"Be Good" by Carsie Blanton

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[Martin Anderson, WNCW’s music director and morning on-air host, as told to Listen:] I first heard of Carsie Blanton a couple of years ago, then she released a really sweet tribute to John Prine after he died in 2020. Then she just kind of threw out this single, “Be Good,” [on New Year’s Day] and I just glommed on to it.

[This song is] exactly the sentiment that, it seems, everyone needs to get past 2020. All of this talk of how 2020 was just so wretched and hard, which it was, and how we have to start off the new year on the right note—that happens every year. This year, it seemed, even more, that we needed a positive step forward to start the new year and just cast away all the hardships of 2020 (as if a little calendar day change will magically make them go away and obviously won't; you know the virus doesn't care what our calendar says and all that.)

Still, to have a positive step forward is pretty crucial for our survival. I heard this song from her and it just seemed to hit all the right chords, say all the right things. It's got a positive hook to it, [with] an upbeat major key. References to Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King, Jr.—it's just such a simple message to be good.

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