Zazou Bikaye Cy1

🏷 Afro/electro collaboration between French composer Hector Zazou, Congolese musician/vocalist Bony Bikaye, and electronic music composers CY1

"M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba" by Zazou Bikaye Cy1

Originally released in 1983, the album is a collaboration between cult French composer and record producer Hector Zazou, Congolese singer Bony Bikaye, and electronic composing duo CY1. Vincent Kenis, who would later helm the Crammed Discs Congotronics series is also on board. The result is an album of glorious Afrofuturist electronic bleep and bump which sounds like it was transmitted from an alternate universe by funky retro-mainframes.

Sometimes, collaborative world music albums discover one new vibe and stick with it from beginning to end. The real revelation of the album, perhaps, is the balance it strikes between natural and artificial.

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