Vanessa Zamora

🏷 Mexican singer and songwriter from Tijuana

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"Puro Pasado" by Vanessa Zamora
🗓 2018

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Vanessa Zamora’s Tornaluna is the album you play when you are getting ready to go out. I know that does not sound like a big deal, but, for women, it is an exciting inbetween. The night can carry opportunities for connection, liberation, and pure vent sessions with your girls. Thus, as you pick your outfit and conversations for the night, Zamora’s voice and music feel like the guide watching you prep.

Once again, I say “music to get ready” as a massive compliment. Zamora’s voice is exquisitely full, and reminds me of Laura Pausini’s earlier work; feeling like you are hearing Como Si No Nos Hubieramos Amado on loop. Her vocals feel like organic fruit; the purest form of nourishment from nature. This allows her to draw upon the loneliness and dreaminess of being a woman, at home, wondering what the next day, week, month, and year will bring to HER. Every lady has had that moment; when she simply wonders if tomorrow will bring the promise that today failed to show.

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