The Necks

🏷 Jazz and experimental trio from Australia

“Further” by The Necks

The closing track “Further” is in a lot of ways the prototypical Necks piece. It’s luxuriantly arranged, built around Chris Abrahams’ weightless piano lines that increase in density and intensity as the track goes on. There’s no post-rock catharsis or free-jazz climax, just a slow journey through parts unknown. It unfolds so gradually and delicately that you hardly notice that they eventually abandon the piano for the celestial hum of an organ, and then slowly phase both ideas together, into an arrangement more vibrant than you would have thought possible at the track’s plodding outset. [Bassist Lloyd] Swanton has said that this track was a self-conscious attempt at evoking the band’s earlier albums, but each added layer and slow change still feels like an accident of physics more than any conscious choice.

📄 Colin Joyce/Pitchfork
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