Leyla McCalla

🏷 New York-born Haitian-American multi-instrumentalist and singer living in New Orleans

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 "The Capitalist Blues" by Leyla McCalla
🗓 2019

With a provocative title like The Capitalist Blues one might expect the in-your-face intensity of The Clash or perhaps the didactic shaming of Bob Dylan, but instead we find [Leyla] McCalla emerging more as a unique world music artist more akin to Cesaria Evora or Angelique Kidjo; her music resonates with profound lyricism. The songs flow from folk jazz to calypso, zydeco to Cajun, R&B with gospel overtones, Haitian Creole, ballads, to exuberant rock ’n’ roll. It’s a lot, but producer Jimmy Horn was hell-bent on pushing McCalla’s range to the limit, and it pays off handsomely here. The title track commences with a slow drag trad jazz feel that laments the hardships of being on the downside of the capitalist trickle-down blues, served with a judicious side of resistance. 

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