Judy Mowatt

🏷 Jamaican singer and member of The I-Threes, Bob Marley's powerful backup singers

"Black Woman" by Judy Mowatt

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I used to read a lot about African history and what took place in America during the time of slavery. I was reading a book called To Be a Slave by Julius Lester. I saw the pain, the degradation, the suffering, especially of the women, how they were sold and separated from their families. We in Jamaica never experienced that. Most of the songs on the album came out of that book, out of that pain. It was as if I was pregnant with the Black Woman album. Sometimes I’d read in that book and then have to just empty myself in tears because I would be so full learning what happened to my ancestors. That was how the song “Black Woman” was birthed. But even then, I never got the opportunity to give the album the justice it deserved in terms of promotion, because of being on the road with Bob. When Bob passed in 1981, it was time to launch my solo career.

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