Ingrid Laubrock and Kris Davis

🏷 Duo project by German saxophonist and Canadian pianist

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"Snakes and Lattice" by Ingrid Laubrock and Kris Davis
🗓 2020

Last year, saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock made a duo album with pianist Aki Takase. This year, she’s turning it into a series, making a duo album with a different pianist, Kris Davis. Laubrock and Davis have history; they’ve worked together in a range of contexts, most notably the saxophonist’s group Anti-House, which also features guitarist Mary Halvorson, bassist John Hébert, and drummer Tom Rainey, and the trio Paradoxical Frog with drummer Tyshawn Sorey. So they know each other’s musical minds quite well, and can connect quickly and easily. Under a lot of circumstances, that would be a recipe for tedium and cliché, as players fall into predictable patterns, pulling out favorite licks and meeting in the middle without really thinking or challenging each other … but not here. This album’s opening track, “Snakes And Lattice,” combines a spiky, almost Anthony Braxton-esque melody with long passages of adventurous and suspenseful duo improvisation and a slow, patient, extremely quiet wind-down that you’re really going to want to hear on headphones.

📄 Writer Phil Freeman in his monthly jazz column at Stereogum

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