Eric Revis

🏷 Jazz bassist and composer based in Los Angeles

"SpÆ" by Eric Revis
(featuring Kris Davis and Chad Taylor)

Rendered as a “visceral approach to melody,” according to [Eric] Revis, [multiple tracks on the album serve] the artist’s appetite for exploring energies that surround the music — and the session — thoroughly and critically. “I wanted more emphasis on the energy than on exact notes or notation,” he says. He asked his collaborators to approach title track “SpÆ” with similar controlled spontaneity. “We kind of deconstructed the composition,” says Revis. The trio tune features [Kris] Davis on prepared piano and [Chad] Taylor on mbira. “We just played,” he says.

Incorporating three separate takes, the track features crossfades leading from one take to the next. “It’s almost like if you had people speaking in three separate rooms, and then you put them together — all of a sudden you have this great conversation that, even though it was intended to be about disparate things, really makes a whole lot of sense.”

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