Elida Almeida

🏷 Singer from Cape Verde

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"Bersu d'Oru" by Elida Almeida
🗓 2017

“Berso d’Oru.” [is] another traditional music from Cape Verde called tabanka. It’s really nice and it’s now disappearing a little, so I tried to change it, to go and take tabanka and put something modern in it, so we can get the new generation to listen to traditional music. That’s why we tried to do a modern arrangement in this song. And it’s working, because when we play in festivals in Cape Verde we have new generation, 16, 30 years singing with us. We can see that it’s working. So we stay with our tradition but we still open, you know? We make a fusion between traditional and modern songs.

It’s such a great rhythm on that song. I know about funana and batuku and morna and coladera, but I’ve never heard about tabanka. What’s special about it?

The song talks about the city of Santa Cruz. I am from Santa Cruz. Many artists were born there. Like Mindelo. You know, we have this guy Cachaz. He changed everything in funana. Cachaz made funana become so popular, because he orchestrated funana for the first time. Before him, funana was just music from poor people [laughs] or, I don’t know, people in the countryside. But after this, funana became something chic.

So you’re trying to do this for tabanka.

Yeah, well, I’m trying to explain what this song talks about. It talks about this kind of guy, like a Cachaz, and another strong woman named Nacia Gomi. She was the one who revolutionized batuku too. So now, it’s a revolution for tabanka. So in this song I talk about a dream that I have about these people I admire so much even though I never met them. It was a dream that I could play with them, dance with them, sing with them, and Nacia Gomi, for example, she gives me advice to take care, to not let the handsome men….[Laughs] Well, it was just a dream, but it was also a tribute for these great people that did so much for our music.

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