Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

🏷 Legendary musician, performer, and visual artist from California

"Bat Chain Puller" by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

The last track on the first side of the album [Shiny Beast] is "Bat Chain Puller." As well as being the title track of the unreleased album and the unofficial title of this one, this is the undoubted highlight of the album. Despite his ecological concerns, Don [Van Vilet, Captain Beefheart’s real name] was always a great lover of cars and this song was apparently inspired by the sound of the wipers on his windscreen. [His Magic Band members] Robert Williams and Eric Drew Feldman recreate this sound over which Don alternates between an almost whispered delivery and contrasting impassioned howls. Jagged barbs of guitar periodically illuminate the scene like flashes of lightning and the keyboard emulates sweeping sheets of rain. What is more, if the performance here is awesome then some of the live recordings from this period make this seem positively restrained by comparison!

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