Astrid Sonne

🏷 Contemporary composer and viola player from Denmark

"Strong, Calm, Slow" by Astrid Sonne

“Strong, Calm, Slow” is inspired by European and especially Danish choir tradition, a tradition that has shaped me musically for years through singing in choirs.

The progress in the piece is carried forward by the balance between pauses and movement, a deep synchronisation through consolidated breaths. It is one unified voice presented by four individuals. It was important to me that each of the singers could bring in their own vocal characteristics and explore the strength of being connected while maintaining ones own individuality. That has been kind of a metaphor for ’Cliodynamics’ as whole too.

Also the piece is special to me, as I’m singing it along with three friends who I admire both personally and musically: Andrea Novel, Xenia Xamanek and Henriette Motzfeldt. ’Strong, Calm, Slow’ expresses loneliness that is shared in a space with people you care for. It addresses the importance of being able to show vulnerability.

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